About Us

EcoSareeClub is a division of Ecotasar that believes in using traditional artisan skills to make contemporary designs for the discerning modern Indian Woman.

Our purpose: 
To provide an opportunity to all artisan and home-based producers and workers in the textiles value chain to a dignified livelihood through our work.

Our vision:
To alleviate poverty by creating commercially sustainable opportunities in which artisans and small producers can avail themselves to better their lot in life.  

Our mission:
To create large-scale wage opportunities for tribal producers of silk cocoons, women yarn makers, weavers, and other small producers, artisans, and service providers in our textiles value chain using a sustainable and fair business model. 
To help small producers/artisans to continue to live and work from their homesteads and avoid the scourge of migration in search of work.

Our Production Model

EcoSareeClub guarantees the quality and authenticity of natural silk and linen used in its products. Our Sarees & suit sets are designed in-house by a team of professional designers who understand the design aesthetics and market trends which a modern Indian lady wants.

Once the designs are made, the manufacturing is done by master artisans in different weaving and printing clusters. These artisans have lots of experience and skills learned over generations.

The designs developed are exclusive and originals and are made for EcoSareeClub members only.



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