Bhagalpuri-The Queen of Silk

Bhagalpuri-The Queen Of Silk

Bhagalpur silk is one of the finest quality silk and is known as the "Queen" of fabrics. Bhagalpur silk is one of the superior qualities of silk available and is known after its place of origin, Bhagalpur in Bihar which is known as the "Silk City". These sarees reflect the real essence of Bhagalpur in its purest form along with the culture of India. The sarees are said to have been inspired by the natural surroundings.

The Journey

The history of Bhagalpuri silk goes back to the Vedic era. It was only during the Mauryan period that this craft gained the status and respect it deserved. With time, the craft developed with the help of NGOs, the government’s support, and designers, and today, it has become one the most popular textiles in India and the finest quality of the silks.

The Making

The process of tasar weaving starts with designing which is done by the master craftsmen as variations of weave and color. Followed by the sorting of cocoons and the good ones are boiled in water and the silk strands are unwounded onto bamboo spools. Next comes the dyeing process, natural dyes are commonly used for dyeing Bhagalpuri silk.  However, chemical dyes are also used today.

Followed by the preparation of the loom, after which weaving starts. Once the weaving completes, the fabric is taken off the loom,  washed with plain water, and spread for drying. Then the fabric is folded properly and beaten with a heavy hammer, called kundi to set the weave properly. At last, the calendaring is done which smoothens the fabric and produces a wrinkle-free effect.


The designs and motifs on the Bhagalpuri sarees will vary, mostly featuring nature-inspired motifs like flowers or plants.  Earlier, only limited designs were used – like - gold dots or some conservative stripes. Motifs changed over time, and the saree began to feature other designs and other motifs in its art.


These yarns are woven with silk threads of multi colors which are reared from the Tussar cocoons. Thus, they are available in various colors with sarees being vibrant and bright in their texture and feel.


Bhagalpuri silk is considered to be environmentally friendly and has been for thousands of years as the Bhagalpuri sarees are weaved from a thread extracted from a yellowish-brown-wide-winged moth without killing them or a very limited no. of silkworms are utilized during the creation of silk. Due to this quality, the Bhagalpuri silk is also known as Peace silk.


The community involved in  Bhagalpuri silk weaving has been working for a period of more than 100 years. The industry is 200 years old, and the skills are being passed on to the younger generation over the years. More than 35,000 handloom weavers, with 25,000 looms live in Bhagalpur.

Bhagalpuri in Vogue

Bhagalpuri saree is famous not only in India but has gained a huge reputation in the international market as well. Many Bollywood stars like Kareena Kapoor, Madhuri Dixit, Sonam Kapoor, Kajol, Neha  Dhupia, Mandira Bedi, and many others have adored the Bhagalpuri silk sarees on different occasions like- parties, and events, award shows, etc. Designers like Masaba Gupta and many others have successfully created many line collections in Bhagalpuri silk sarees, according to the fashion trend.

Bhagalpuri Sarees

The Bhagalpuri sarees are a reflection of Indian culture and an elegant expression for an Indian woman. The sarees are known for the qualities and the elegant look they provide, are available in various shades and unique motifs, these sarees are one of a kind among the family of silk sarees. The Bhagalpuri sarees are the preferred choice for marriage ceremonies, parties, or even religious functions.

Price and Authenticity

Bhagalpuri sarees range in thousands depending upon the textile, design, and details. For authenticity, one can check the silk mark which ensures the originality of the Bhagalpuri silks and GI mark as well as the Bhagalpuri is recognized by the Government of India under the GI tag.


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